This is your virtual

Your life's stories, publicly revealed throughout your virtual Lifecast, is perhaps the finest first-person multimedia documentary — one that leaves audiences feeling an intimate connection with all that is you, manifesting a frenzied following that will never let go.


The Virtual


Transient ambitious individuals who understand the value their life's stories can bring to themselves and others. If this describes you, please contact us and explain how this is so. You could potentially be paired with your very own Virtual Biographer who will help you effortlessly* drive the production and profitability of your very own Lifecast: an online, multimedia entertainment production that shares the thoughts, experiences, projects, and promotions of your fascinating life with an ever-expanding audience of fans.

*The star of a Lifecast, on average, will contribute less than one hour of effort per week towards the development of their 100% authentic virtual media empire.

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